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Description of Ganzi

The NIMA social projects in Tibetare located in the beautiful Ganzi region and can be compared to the Swiss Canton of Grison because of its surface (18'500m2) and geographical structure. Ganzi, with its 15'000 inhabitants is located at an altitude of 3'600m and is surrounded by the snow topped Himalayan Mountains.
As the main city within the 18 departments of the same name, it belongs to the autonomous prefecture of Ganzi. In the past, the city belonged to the Eastern region of Kham and is today part of the Chinese province of Sichuan.
The majority, (70%) of the population is Tibetan; most of them are farmers, nomads and simple workers who cultivate barley, potatoes and beans. Various yaks, cows, cats, pigs and horses live and work on the farms.
The city itself is picturesque and very lively, presenting both modern and traditional aspects; the Tibet of today. It is the meeting place for many farmers and business people who discuss and exchange news in the teahouses, as well as attracting the nomads of the region to sell their goods. Their traditional dress reminds us of the old Tibet as they pass through the city with their yaks either on foot, or on horseback.


















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