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Events: NIMA's evening 12th march 2011

It’s in the late afternoon, that we welcomed our guests at our NIMA’s evening with an apéro in the lobby of the Gemeindesaal Zollikon. It was all decorated with beautiful Tibetan photos and flags, which gave it a coloured ambiance.  

The evening started with a speech of the president Theo Friess and a speech of our project manager Lobsang Nima Soghatsang. Then, Palmo Koondhor presented herself with a short CV. In her speech we could hear all the enthusiasm for the coming engagement with the NIMA social projects.

With the retrospective in images, which was commented by Theo Friess and Brigitte Ruth we realised how much work and engagement has been done by Lobsang Nima Soghatsang, the members of the foundation and the volunteers.

There is no Tibetan party without songs and dance. Sherap and Karma, two you Tibetans, who worked in the kitchen from 9 to 5, cutting vegetables and producing Momos, gave us a superb performance.

The highlight of the evening was the exquisite dinner. While eating the different vegetables, Momos and Chapalais, we could watch the film about the 10th anniversary of the social projects in Ganzi. And in the end we were offered to have a magnificent buffet of deserts.

Great thanks go to the kitchen team who made a fantastic performance. Palmo Koondhor was the manager of the kitchen. We thank everybody for the help and support.

About 20 other persons helped and supported us for the realizing of our evening. We thank all these people very warmly.

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